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Deepavali is the most important festival in the Hindu almanac which is also known as a major event in Singapore’s festival calendar. Popularly known as the Festival of Lights, Singapore comes together as one to celebrate the triumph of good over evil and of light over darkness. The celebrations begin with the 'Switch-On Ceremony' in Little India, when the whole cultural precinct is bedazzled with a canopy of lights and bustling bazaars that heighten the festive aura.


Event Marquee at Kinta Road


Deepavali Switch-On Ceremony signifies the official opening ceremony of the Deepavali Celebrations. This will be followed by a multitude of cultural performances by local artists and arts group consisting of Indians and other ethnic races.



Deepavali Street Light-Up


Little India, the cultural precinct, is bedazzled with a canopy of lights and bustling bazaars that heighten the festive aura. The Deepavali Light Up stretches from Selegie Road all the way through Serangoon Road and also Race Course Road spreading the “Deepavali Magic” to all visitors.


Campbell Lane & Hastings Road


Campbell Lane & Hastings Road A truly unique, all-in-one experience a bustling bazaar of stalls offering Indian ethnic wear, intricate costume jewellery, stone sculptures and wood carvings, ornamental decorations & greeting cards, traditional sweet delicacies, festive cookies & tidbits, henna art & music.


Hastings Road


A showcase of Indian culture - skilled traditional craftsmen will demonstrate pottery making. There will be workshops conducted for these skills at the Heritage Exhibition. Visitors may see first- hand how the most intricate Indian crafts are fashioned. This year we have the Parrot Astrology, a rare sight after many years! The beautiful parrots will pick fortune cards that the astrologer then deciphers. Don't miss this chance to read your "future".

Hastings Road

Don't miss out the extravagant performances by talents from traditional art groups and local celebrities.

Hastings Road

As a grand gesture to mark Tourism 50, Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity, has descended at Little India to celebrate T-50 with visitors. Visitors will have the chance to ‘Grab a chunk of Luck from Mahalakshmi’s Golden Pot and Win’, through a Scratch and Win Competition that will run throughout the duration of the Festival Village, from 12 September to 21 October.


50,000 prizes are up for grabs. Prizes include Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Jewel Boxes, Key Chains etc.

50 gram Gold Coin Grand Prize - each Scratch and Win ticket will also be entitled to a Grand Lucky Draw to be held on Deepavali Eve, during the Deepavali Countd own Show.

'Mahalakshmi n I' - To further engage visitors, take a photo with ‘Mahalakshmi’ at the Festival Bazaar’ and post it on ‘Instagram’ with a # to our Facebook page. The post with the most number of ‘likes’ will win a prize.


Hastings Road


Little India is known for its delicious prata (w/ prata spinning demonstration), steaming hot teh-tarik (with "pulled tea" demonstration), string hoppers and sweet and savoury dessert items. There will be a sampling platter of all the items for visitors to savour. We hope to create the nostalgic feeling and ambience of the past Little India for both tourists and locals at Hastings Road. Come on down to experience demo’s of how traditional and contemporary fusion food is created and thereafter sample the delicious fare!


Radha Kirshna Dress Up Competition


Relive the most loved characters in the best epic story ever told - Krishna & Radha. Deepavali is centred on Lord Krishna's battle to save the people from Narakasura's tyranny. To commemorate the triumph of good over evil, children in pairs will be dressed up as Radha and Krishna modelling around Little India. The best dressed pair will walk away with attractive prizes and it will be a great photo opportunity with visitors. Come down, dressed up as Krishna and Radha and stand to win attractive prizes! Don't miss this chance, call 6392 2246 and REGISTER NOW!


Serangoon Road


Navarathiri (literally meaning nine nights, in Tamil) is celebrated in honour of the mother Goddess (manifested as power, wealth and knowledge). Hindu mythology has it that Goddess Durga vanquished the demon Mahishasura in battle that lasted nine days. For nine nights, temples in Singapore (including Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple, all located along Serangoon Road) echo with exotic sounds of Indian music and dance, in honour of the Goddess while figurines of deities and their incarnations, sages and mythological creatures are displayed on specially enacted steps for the occasion. Visit the temples in Little India to experience the rituals and practices of the Navarathiri Festival!


Event Marquee at Race Course Road


LISHA, together with the Bengali Community, will be organizing the Durga Pooja. Come on down to experience the Pooja full of dance, music and laughter!


Serangoon Road


Theemithi or Fire walking, a ritual that orginates in South India, is practised wherever South Indian communities exist. In Singapore, the Sri Mariamman Temple, a National Monument here, has been organising Theemithi since 1840. The head priest carrying a large pot, decorated with streams of flowers and neem leaves, leads thousands of barefooted devotees through this ritual that commences with a four kilometre walk from Sri Srinivasan Perumal Temple at Serangoon Road to the Sri Mariamman Temple, culminating in a walk across a scorching bed of coals, ritualistically prepared within the temple grounds, specially for this occasion. Visitors will be able to view part of this ancient ritual at Serangoon Road.


South Bridge Road


This exquisite Silver Chariot, bearing the Goddess Draupadai, will make its way from the 185 year old Sri Mariamman Temple (located at South Bridge Road) to Little India, bringing blessings and enhancing the precinct's vibrancy during the Deepavali festive season. The Chariot will be stationed at Little India Arcade for about 4 hours. Visitors and tourists may also participate. More than 3000 visitors are expected and refreshments and goody-bags will be distributed.


Deepavali Hunt


Visitors get an opportunity to see and experience aspects of Indian culture while travelling along various destinations within Little India. Various stations will showcase the history, culture, tradition and heritage of Little India and the Deepavali Festival. Participants will compete in teams featuring their abilities to maneuver within the Little India Precinct pitting creativity, speed and accuracy for a grand prize. Don’t miss this chance, call 6392 2246 and REGISTER NOW!


Singapore Indian Association, Balestier Road


An open air concert will be held at the ground at Indian Association on the eve of Deepavali, to usher in the Festival of Lights. Local and foreign celebrities will perform at this Gala Extravaganza. Join us to welcome Deepavali with a display of splendid fireworks at the stroke of midnight!

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