About Little India

Hear the sound of temple bells.Taste delicacies rich in flavour. Feel the softness of silk draped around you. See a burst of colours unfold before your eyes. Smell the fragrance of spices that tell of the aura of a culture.

Rich in culture and deeply rooted in tradition, Singapore's Little India invites you to excite your senses. With a surge of flavours, sights, sounds, fragrances and an ethereal feel, Little India is a melting pot of all things Indian.

Proud to be 'loud', Little India boasts of streets that offer experiences unique only to India. As the merchant tries to sell you his wares and the mitthai-vala tries to get you to taste his savouries, you can be sure to be enticed and lost in a rush that is Little India. As you discover something new around every corner you turn, sip a cup of chai (Indian tea), take in the fragrance of fresh flowers and get a henna tattoo (mehendi) by professional artists.

Come festivals and Little India transforms into a magical destination where mythology meets modern day devotees. Immersed in tradition, festivals in Little India depict the grandeur of the Indian sub-continent. Celebrate with multi-generation Indian families as they come together to celebrate festivals like Deepavali (Festival of Lights), Pongal Festival, Indian New year etc.

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Temples and heritage sites that talk of a culture of the years gone by adorn the streets of Little India depicting an aspect of devotion that that is engrained in every Indian.

With a blend of the old and the new, Little India today embraces a lifestyle that is ever so dynamic, colourful and dramatic.

Little India - A cultural extravaganza!

Little India Heritage Trail

Join us in a tour of the history and social memories of Little India & the Indian community as we bring back fond memories for those who have worked, lived or played in this area. Discover the heritage and cultural aspect of various ethnic Indian communities through this guided tours. Date: 8th to 15th April (closed on monday, 10th april) Time: 11am, 2pm & 5pm 20 pax maximum $10 (inclusive of IHC entry) Venue: Indian Heritage Centre -Lobby