Indian New Year

The integration of all Indian communities coming together to display their culture and the festivities they practice. A yearly event that is initiated with varying theme each year. Besides cultural programme, the communities showcase the heritage by displaying their cultures through art. The main focus for the year's celebrations is to showcase cultural heritage of the various Indian communities who has settled in Singapore and to encourage visitors to understand the history the culture and traditions of this festival.

And this is precisely what thousands of Hindu families all around Singapore do, turning their homes into enclaves of warm golden light even as they offer prayers, exchange gifts and share sweetmeats with each other.

Longing for a slice of the action? Head to Little India where the streets are transformed into a fantasyland of colourful arches and stunning lights.

Wander through the bazaars with their glittering gold and gems, exquisitely embroidered saris and gleaming golden oil lamps. Inhale the scent of marigolds, roses and jasmine, thickly braided into lush floral garlands mingling with the perfume of sweet incense and the fragrance of Indian spices and Ayurvedic massage oils.


Take in an open-air concert, get an intricately patterned henna tattoo and sample a delicious curry with fresh 'roti prata' (dough flat bread) at a nearby restaurant. Or just sit back and relax with a 'teh tarik' (frothy milk tea) at a coffeeshop, and watch one of the most beautiful festivals in Singapore flower into vivid life.